Frequently Asked Questions

I get an undefined error when buying or selling.

Fee is 4%. Set slippage to 5-7%. Don't set above 10% or your transaction may be frontrun by another trader or arbitrage bot. Always set slippage back low if you also trade any feeless tokens.

Gas price on ETH chain is high, especially on sell or liquidity add.

Gas prices are expensive last weeks. Automatic add of 2% to liquidity increases computation costs as well. Wait for better gas price or increase volume. That's why EVLTZ is an alternative with near zero gas fees on Expanse chain.

Who manages this website?

Developer left the project at the beginning of January and VAULTZ community fully took over the project. That included setting up easier and more descriptive website by one of community members.

Liquidity Providing FAQ

Benefits of being Liquidity Provider

Providing liquidity makes VAULTZ stronger and you earn proportion of 0.3% swap fee charged by Uniswap. Additionally, having VAULTZ provided as liquidity protects your position from unpredictable price movements by keeping ETH*VAULTZ value of your share constant.

Adding LP share

Liquidity can be added using Pool menu in Uniswap. Moving VAULTZ to and from LP costs 4% transaction fee as well. You'll get LP shares as tokens which can be freely and feeleslly transferred (except gas cost).

Removing LP share

Liquidity can be removed the same way it was added. Select "Receive WETH" when choosing target token. There is a bug  preventing building removal transaction if just ETH is selected. WETH can then be unwrapped by swapping it for ETH.

Other Considerations

What is permanently increasing price floor?

Uniswap liquidity pools work using simple formula: token balance multiplied by eth balance = constant. This constant can be increased by adding own liquidity to the pool. VAULTZ is unique in the way it is done automatically with 2% of each transaction. This ensures more and more eth per VAULTZ is slowly added to the permanent pool while total supply of VAULTZ doesn't change.

I want VAULTZ listed on CEX exchange.

Centralized exchanges usually execute transactions internally and don't add fees designed for transfers in ethereum network. As long as fees are properly calculated and distributed this is doable in theory but difficult to implement.

What happened to initial liquidity on ETH chain?

56% of total liquidity was unlocked on March 19 and already sold, causing temporary price drop the same day. The rest (now 100%) is locked forever since burn address holds LP tokens. Thus, VAULTZ will never hard rug-pull but can face selling phases like any other tradable asset.

Expanse chain

Can I use one address for ETH and EXP chains?

Yes! Expanse is an ETH fork made few years ago. Thus it can be added as a custom network to Metamask or other ETH compatible wallet. It is still recommended to have separate address for each chain to avoid bugs affecting reading latest nonce value and estimating gas fees.

I use Metamask and my transaction fails or never confirms.

Enable nonce in advanced settings so you can see and change its value. Alternatively you can reset transaction history cache by selecting Reset account in Advanced settings. If certain kind of transaction occasionally fails then increase gas limit to 200,000 or more. It is safe to use 1 gwei in all cases, transactions confirm within a minute or two maximum.

Where do I buy EXP?

There are several ways how to buy or earn EXP. Buy on Bittrex CEX, swap on cross-chain bridge (to be released very soon) but you get WEXP there, or mine it using GPU miner (yes, difficulty is small enought that's still worth mining).